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Why Choosing SF Excellent for Custom Made


Looking for bridal shoes that fit comforably? SF Excellent strive given a classic design with comfortable, sustainable material, and craftmanship. Each pair of shoes handcrafted by Malaysian shoes maker with more than 20 years of experience in making ladies footwear.

Reason to prefer Our Custom Made Shoes


  • Everyone can BUY - We provide affortable price compared to the market


  • Custom from smallest size to biggest size - Tried the wedding shoes in the market, but encountered the dilemma that I like it but don't have your size, let's find us!


  • Design what you WANT - Personalize the design from shoes style, heel height, fabric material, and embellishment.


  • Comfort priority - We provide the BEST ever comfort, you will never know.


  • Hand Made - 100% handcrafted in Malaysia